Kingdoms of the Third Realm

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The Primary Kingdoms are listed however there are several Kingdoms that represent a number of Districts or Alliances, these will be expanded on in their explanations.

  • The Dominion (Undead)
  • Elven Glades of Purity (Wood Elf)
  • Empire of the Bastion Orcs
  • Empire of Chaal (Orcs)
  • Everglades of the White Elves
  • Isle of Princes (Human)
  • Isle of Mae'Lekk (Troll, Nomad Troll)
  • Kingdom of the Four Winds (Human, Dwarf and Elf)
  • Kingdom of Goreon (Earthen Dwarves)
  • Kingdom of Chei'lof (Troll)
  • Kingdom Valley of the Chosen (Northern Dwarf)
  • Northern Kingdoms of Daeryon (Human)
  • Sahpors Hollow (Pixie)
  • Southern Orcish Empire (Barbarian Orcs)
  • Sovereign Province of Grellen (Elf)
  • Tribal Province of Adal'Mael (Forest Troll)
  • Tribal Province of Grei'Laash (Troll, Stone Troll)
  • Map


The following sections are offered in approximate time line order and expand on the history and background of the Third Realm.

  • The Realms Explained
  • Discovery of the Third Realm
  • Saarichs Settlement (Lord Volamine Saarich) - 2prd
  • The Indigenous First Contact - 2prd
  • Unholy Blight - 19prd
  • Of Worlds Torn - 21prd
  • Quickening of the Damned - 31prd
  • Rise of King Jonas - 36prd
  • First Great War - 39prd
  • Discovery of the Behemoth Wyvern - 78prd
  • Mantle of Bells - 121prd to 134prd
  • The Rule of King Orphos - 139prd
  • First War of Kingdoms - 152prd
  • Crusade of Light - 220prd
  • Damning the Damned - 221prd
  • The Arcane Binders of Daeryon - 295prd
  • The Awakening of Khros - 344prd
  • Alliance of the Dragons - 356prd
  • Second War of Kingdoms - 412prd
  • Timeline
  • Notaries of the Third Realm


Indigenous Races to the Third Realm

Of all the races found in the Third Realm, Goblins, Orcs and Trolls are the only sentient native races to it. Although records prior to the Realm Settlement are scant, it is widely known that these three races are ultimately distant descendants of the same ancestors.

Race Profiles



What, Another MMORPG?

Yes. I've experienced a number of varied MMO's including WoW and Eve. They are awesome games in their own right and I have no illusions of grandeur on my project ever becoming any kind of blip against either of these games. As great as they are however, I do like my Fantasy MMO but with a young family simply don't have the time to grind out levels of XP, Gold and Reputation to be an effective and competitive player. During my time playing Eve Online, the most Excellent source of Internet Spaceship Satisfaction, I really enjoyed the concept of no top level and the learning system giving rise to an infinitely variable customisation and specialisation of one's characters (or toons if you will). This MMO will have no toon level cap, in fact no toon levels at all.

So what makes this one any different then?

I've envisioned several concepts I hope to see implemented. One of my foremost thoughts was an offline system of construction, production and farming for those time poor but otherwise avid gamers to achieve an active level of moneymaking and asset building. Another concept I also wanted to employ is that of Multiboxing, where one person could control several toons simultaneously to accomplish a given task. This concept is one I hope to flesh out as capabilities are developed. This would include such expected activities as some Dungeon Instances and PvP objectives while other not so expected including large ship sailing and fortification defences, offences and intel/resource gathering operations.

Skills and Talents, how will they work?

Every skill, ability and talent will be a learned one irrespective of race, class or any other ideological impediment preventing cross skilling in a traditional Fantasy MMO. It will be entirely possible to learn to wear plate armour, throw arcane, nature and divine magic while swinging a two-handed axe. That said, there are various considerations that will come to bear on such combinations. For example, Divine magic is the only school of magic that has the potential to enjoy a near negligible rate of dissipation through plate armour, same for nature through leather armour. Advantages will be enjoyed by specialisations into a class (for example, stealth and critical damage for an assassin specialist, range and pet bonuses for specialising as a hunter, etcetera). Penalties to learning time (but no disadvantages otherwise) will be incurred when learning a second (or further) specialisation. Gameplay isn't neccesary to level a character, it will be plausible to have a toon only train into Professions or Social Status and never leave the safety of their Kingdom City Walls.

Resources and Links

I've shamelessly pilfered from a number of D&D resources so I'll mention them here.