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World of Warcraft Server

Spartacle Realms is lock-stepped to WoW Client 3.3.5a, this is the last iteration of Wrath of the Lich King. The resources here have been collated from various sources and is filtered to be relevant for the version used.

Base Statistics for Level 80

This section is a condensed and summarised form of information contained at

Common Requirements

Level 80 Instances can be attempted in Normal or Heroic modes. In heroic mode, instances are harder to complete and most mobs have their damage increased and bosses often having their damage and health increased. In return, Drops from Bosses are of a higher quality.

Many of the following are stats commonly accepted by PUG heroics (guild heroics may be higher/ lower depending on the nature of the guild.)


Generally, tanks should have enough dodge/block/parry and life combined to be healed efficiently, but not constantly. Note that 5-player-heroics healing is based upon healing the entire group, unlike 10 or 25-player-raid healing where tanks may often have a dedicated (or 2-3) healer topping them off.

In WotLK, a tank should have 21k health un-buffed and 535 Defense. Wrath heroics are noticeably more difficult in boss encounters as well as the requirements for crowd control and group coordination.


For WotLK, a healer should have between 1,600 and 1,900 spell power, 230 mana regeneration (while casting) and 15k mana (unbuffed) to heal effectively in heroics.

However, healer gear/stats are often greatly dependent on the tank. If your tank has 21k health and your healer has a low spell power, or low 5k mana, your healer will not be able to heal the tank quick enough, or for long enough. But if the healer has 1,500 spell power and 12k mana, but your tank has < 21k health, or is below 535 Defense it's not going to matter, because the tank will die too fast.

A good healer has more than 14k mana: this is preferred for boss fights, and for efficient running (most people geared for heroic aren't willing to wait after every mob for a mana break). Also try to aim for about 400+ mana regeneration when out of combat, and at least 230+ whilst casting; this helps a lot with efficient running.

Though less important than the above, health is also a vital factor, especially on low-armor healers, especially priests, who can be hit for 14k (non-crit) damage in some heroics (e.g. Hammer of the Righteous, see Eadric the Pure). Strive for at least 16k+ health; and for paladins and shamans, a shield, which really aids with survivability.


All classes have a strong DPS spec and with Dual Talent Specialization, even players who normally heal or are tanks can have a second spec just for DPS.

Caster DPS should aim to have 1,500+ spell power (absolute minimum); and Melee/Ranged DPS, 2.5k attack power.

Most classes should keep their health above 16k to avoid being one-shotted; and casters should aim to have mana above 15k as well, so sustained DPS can be used on mobs and bosses.


Hit refers to physical damage that occurs as a result of an attack made with melee or ranged weapons. Basically it reduces the chance to miss with your attack (see below). Patch 4.0.1 decreased the required rating per 1% slightly. The chance to hit now increases by 1% per 30.7548 hit rating points at level 80, 14.7905 hit rating points at level 70, and 9.3793 hit rating points at level 60. The base chance to miss against an opponent of equal level is 5% for single wield and 24% for dual wield. With Patch 3.0, both hit and spell hit use the same basic hit rating attribute within the combat rating system, although the similarity largely ends there — they are effectively distinct attributes derived from the same rating.

Crowd Control

In WotLK, most heroics do not need any form of crowd control. Correctly geared tanks can generate enough threat to hold the attention of multiple mobs, and the damage is low enough to be relatively easily healed.

If crowd control is requested, Mages are the most effective, because of the usefulness of Polymorph. Rogues and Retribution paladins are the next best CC, with hunters' Ice Traps and the Shaman Hex being last. If played correctly, all are viable forms of CC, and depending on the DPS output of your group, you may only need to incapacitate the mob for 10secs, making traps as efficient as Polymorph.


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